Toshi is one of the characters in the upcoming Meg film.

Biography Edit

Toshi was employed at Mana One, run by Jack Morris and Minway Zhang, along with his friend The Wall. Toshi, The Wall, and Lori were the crew members assigned to pilot a submersible past the hydrogen layer of the Marina Trench.

Toshi, The Wall, and Lori were amazed at the numerous species that thrived in the sealed environment, but were attacked by the Megalodon, leaving their submersible stranded. A further attack caused their oxygen supply to begin to run out. Jonas Taylor arrived to rescue them in the submersible “Bubble Boy”, but the two submersibles were again attacked by the Megalodon. Toshi then gave a goodbye letter to his wife he had written to the Wall and closed the hatch, allowing Lori, The Wall, and Taylor to escape, and the Megalodon destroyed the submersible with Toshi inside.