The MEG Saga is a novel series by Steve Alten that includes MEG, The Trench, MEG: Primal Waters, MEG: Hell's Aquarium, MEG: Night Stalkers, and the upcoming MEG: Generations and MEG: Purgatory There is also a movie set to come out August 10th 2018. The saga follows Jonas Taylor, who, in every one of the books finds himself in a situation that involves a Megalodon known as Angel, her pups, or one of the human or creature antagonists that appear.

Main Characters

  • Jonas Taylor- He is the main protagonist. He starts out as 39 at the beginning of the series and by the end of Hell's Aquarium he is 63. He has been married two times, once to Maggie Taylor, who divorced him and was later killed by Angel's mother, and later to Terry Tanaka, who is his current wife.
  • Angel- A Megalodon who was birthed by her mother at the end of the first book. She is one of the biggest influences on the main characters. She is one of the main characters who has appeared in all four books so far. She was killed by the Liopleurodon in Hell's Aquarium when she gets tangled in fishing nets.