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MEG: Primal Waters
190px-Meg- Primal Waters cover.jpg
Author Steve Alten
Publication date 2004
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Trench
Followed by
MEG: Hell's Aquarium

MEG: Primal Waters is a 2004 science fiction novel by author Steve Alten. The book continues the adventure of Jonas Taylor, a marinebiologist studying the megalodon.

Plot summary[]

The events described in this Novel take place about 18 years after the events of the second novel (possibly in 2019) Jonas is now in his early sixties and lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife Terry and two kids. He feels overwhelmed by having to deal with lots of past due bills and his rebellious teenage daughter. As a result he is looking for a good opportunity. A Hollywood television producer of a top-rated reality TV show Daredevils, gives him an offer to provide expert commentary in a contest being held in the South Pacific. Taking his rebellious daughter Danielle with him, Jonas joins the TV show on-board a Spanish Galleon. Meanwhile his wife Terry investigates whale beachings off Vancouver Island.

But neither of the spouses are aware that they have entered the latest feeding zones of Megs, as Angel has returned to surface waters from the trench and is being pursued by more individuals. Terry attempts to capture a Meg responsible for the whale beachings which she believes is Angel while their son David and Mac attempt to capture the real Angel. Also someone behind the scenes of Daredevils has a grudge on Jonas, Michael Maren and is planning to get revenge on Jonas using his pet Megalodon nicknamed Scarface, so named due to terrible scars caused by a territory dispute with his brother; the same Meg Terry is pursuing (both of which are Angel's litter from the Trench in the last book) in the end, Jonas lures Scarface into killing Michael, after which the Megalodon returns to the Trench, taking his dead master's remains with him.

Meanwhile Angel and the first male are lured into the Institute where Angel is impregnated by and then proceeds to kill the first male. Several months later, the Taylors succeed in recapturing Angel. It is also hinted that something even bigger than a megalodon]] lurks in the deep as well.