Kaylen Daniels is a 16-year-old teenager who enjoys escapology, planking and meditation. She is entertaining and bright, but can also be very lazy and a bit sadistic.

She is a Native American/ African American Christian. She is currently at school. She is allergic to latex and shellfish. She is obsessed with colouring in.

Physically, Kaylen is in pretty good shape. She is average-height with chocolate skin, brown hair and hazel eyes.

She lives in a middle class neighbourhood. Her mother walked out 15 years ago, leaving her father, a senior programmer called Shaquille, to look after her.

Kaylen goes to Bash Street School, where her favourite subjects are language and literature and economics. She loves her teacher Mr Middleton but hates Mr Ford whose interests include looking like a tomato.

Kaylen's best friend is a teenager called Lydia Collins. They get on well most of the time. She also hangs around with Hope Randall and Lindsey Field. They enjoy praying together.

Potrayed By: Kyasia Mckoy