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Jack Morris is one of the main characters and the secondary antagonist of The Meg.

He's a billionaire who finances the organisation Zhang Oceanic. He is a selfish and sarcastic person. He's very surprised by the work that has been done for the laboratory. He's afraid when he learns that the Meg escaped. Later, when the team was attacked, he doesn't really care that The Wall and Heller died and only cares about being saved. When the crew is in mourning because of deaths caused by the shark, he lied by telling them Chineses send a destroyer to kill it. But the fact is that he doesn't want to have trouble with justice and decide to kill the meg by himself. With a little gang, he killed a whale thinking it was the meg. Then, he begins to be afraid and yells to the pilot to get them out of here. But because of the violent start of the boat, he falls into the water and see the meg who's going to him and eat him.