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Dr. Minway Zhang
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Dr. Minway Zhang is one of the main characters in the Meg film.

He's the leader of Zhang Oceanic laboratory.

At the beginning, he shows to Jack Morris the laboratory and the underwater expedition leaded by Lori, Toshi and The Wall. After the team being attacked by the meg, he the one who choose to bring back Jonas Taylor. Unfortunately, Toshi died during the rescuing and the giant shark escaped. As the result of this, the Meg destroyed three boats so Jonas and his team decide to check out.

Suyin decide to poison and capture it. The plan is successed, but the team killed the wrong shark.

Then, the real one jumps out of the water killing the Wall, reverses the boat and a canoes hit Minway; who is then stunned and seriously injured. He was recovered by Suyin and Jonas; who says he need to see a doctor. But later, Minway dies of his wounds under the eyes of his daughter.